Herzog Hospital aerial photo

Dear Friend of Herzog Medical Center,

We are very proud to tell you of HERZOG’s recent activities on the international front!

Earlier this month, Dr. Jacob Haviv, CEO and Director-General of Herzog Medical Center, and Prof. Pinchas Dannon, Director of the Department of Psychiatry, were invited to Istanbul, Turkey to discuss collaborations in the field of mental health. In addition, Prof Dannon spoke at the mental health conference “The Meeting Point of Neuroelectrophysiology & Genetics,” and gave two presentations: “Noninvasive Neurostimulation Treatments in Addiction: Building the Future Medicine,” and the second lecture on smoking cessation using TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation).   

As a further example of Herzog’s reputation internationally, Prof. Danny Brom, Founder and Director of Herzog Hospital’s Psychotrauma Center, was invited by the First Lady of Ukraine to participate in a summit in Kyiv. Prof. Brom discussed how PTSD treatment and resilience can help the people of Ukraine better deal with the ongoing trauma. This was a continuation of the relationship when over 20 therapists from the Ukraine spent three weeks training in post-trauma care at Herzog’s Psychotrauma Center several months ago in Jerusalem.

These two visits received considerable media coverage.

Here are two links to articles picked up by Google Alerts. We believe you will find both articles quite interesting.



Happy New Year, and may your fast go well.  Gmar Hatimah Tovah!