Dear Friend of Herzog Hospital,

This four-minute video of HERZOG HOSPITAL’s new Rehabilitation Centre highlights our successes in the field.

In addition, HERZOG has recently opened the first post-COVID unit in Israel for those who have recovered from the illness, but who continue to require in-hospital care. This multi-disciplinary unit is providing continuing respiratory support, comprehensive physical and occupational therapy, and mental health care. HERZOG is recognized for excellence in all three of these areas.

For example, the elderly lose 1/2% of their muscle tone for each day they are bedridden. COVID patients are often hospitalized for 2-3 weeks. Therefore, there is a great need for intensive physical therapy to enable them to return to optimal functioning before they depart the hospital for home.  It is not simply a question of recovering from COVID; the need is to also treat the toll the disease has taken on the entire body.

Unfortunately, due to a recurrence of cases, we have recently had to reopen our COVID unit. We now have admitted 27 new patients.

These are just a few examples of how HERZOG HOSPITAL in Jerusalem is continuing to initiate new programs to provide the best possible health care.

Your help is always needed and is always greatly appreciated, by those who benefit from it most: our patients.

Yours truly,

Please help us to help Herzog Hospital during this extremely difficult time.