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Help Us Raise Money to Provide Air for all Children!

To Breathe. A luxury that not everyone has. Did you feel that, as your chest expanded and your lungs filled with air? Now imagine a child who does not know the luxury of being able to breathe on his or her own. A child who needs to be connected to a respirator 24/7 in order to breathe to stay alive. You try to call out for help but you can’t because you don’t yet know how to speak.  You’re only six months old.

Herzog Hospital has launched a campaign that seeks to raise funding to support our mission of helping our children breathe. Herzog Hospital maintains the largest Children’s Chronic Respiratory Care Department in Israel. This grew out of our extensive experience and success in treating older patients with chronic respiratory problems, including supporting them for extended periods of time on respirators and eventually weaning them away from breathing support.

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Crowdfunding Our Way to $26,000

What is crowdfunding? Great question! Crowdfunding is raising money on the internet through a large group of people. In this system, every donation truly counts,
small and large.

We want to raise $26,000.00 in 50 days. Help make that possible.Check out our campaign at https://prohatch.com/project/herzoghospital and don’t forget to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE on Facebook, Twitter, and by email!