We all continue to be concerned about the events in Israel, and the price we have paid. The staff at Herzog Medical Center have been incredibly determined to help each individual who comes to us for care.

Join Chairman of the Board Shamai Keinan in this new video, as he meets with some of the patients and their families who are being cared for at Herzog – patients suffering with both physical wounds, and psychological issues.    

YouTube video: Herzog Hospital Healing Our Heroes and Their Families

We are happy to add that the soldier featured in this video has now recovered sufficiently to the point that he was recently disconnected from the respirator. He now continues on his path of physical and neurological rehabilitation.

Your support, visits by solidarity missions, and by the many people who have come to volunteer from overseas are all playing a crucial role to demonstrate that we are not alone.

We thank you most sincerely for all your support, as we continue our vital work in restoring Israel’s heroes to good health.