Dear Friend of Herzog Hospital,

Herzog Hospital kicked off its 120th-anniversary celebrations with a special dedication ceremony of the new Samson Medical Pavilion. Members and friends of the Samson family flew to Israel, especially for the dedication. While construction is still ongoing, this was an opportunity for the family and their invited guests to get a sneak preview. Former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, and the Head of Israel’s Labor Party, and grandson of Rabbanit Sarah Herzog, for which the hospital is named, spoke at this special event.

The signage in the front of the new Pavilion was unveiled by Dr. Editha Samson, wife of the late Dr. Heinz Samson, and his two daughters Debra Ziff and Karen Lewis.

Construction is proceeding according to schedule, with the occupancy of the top 5th and 6th floors expected in December 2014. This will coincide with the climax of Herzog Hospital’s many events planned to celebrate its 120th-anniversary celebrations. We invite you to join us in Israel in mid-December for our special celebratory events. And if can’t make it in December, please contact us to arrange a personal tour on your next trip to Israel.

Canadian Friends of Herzog Hospital

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