The special services that the Children’s Respiratory Unit provides continues to expand. A totally new program has been initiated using animals to stimulate each child. Specifically trained¬†staff work with each child based on the child’s capabilities.

In this image a rabbit is cuddled up to a child, who, though mostly non responsive is actually petting the animal.

The amazing work is covered in an article in YNET from October:

“Four-year-old Haim gets a daily “hugging hour”. An hour where one of the nurses or teachers hugs and kisses him, talks to him and brings Avatar the rabbit or Mowgli the dog to keep him company. She is astounded by the child’s slightest movement.

Though his head is thrown back and his eyes closed, he is encouraged to pet the rabbit. The little, distorted fingers move, and it seems that something in Haim’s facial expression softens and calms.

“His mother had a difficult time holding him. She avoided it because she was afraid she might hurt him,” says Miara. “On one of the visits I suggested that she try to pick him up and told her that we do it on a daily basis. She was so happy and excited because she realized it was possible. Since then she picks him up and hold him in her arms every time she visits.” ”

See article here:,7340,L-4584856,00.html

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