Dear Friend of Herzog Hospital,

HERZOG HOSPITAL continues to be one of the leaders in the battle against Covid, as well as the new Delta variant. When the Delta stream hit, we were seeing a high percentage of elderly patients who already had received two vaccinations. This was because the effectiveness of the vaccine given over six months ago was wearing off, although the cases were not as serious as in previous waves. As well, we found that 26% of our patients were not vaccinated at all, and they represented a disproportionate number of serious cases. This alerted the government that it was essential to start administering a third dose and to actively encourage those Israelis who had opted against vaccination to get vaccinated. Almost 2 million Israelis have already received this third dose.

During this latest Delta variant-driven pandemic surge, HERZOG has cared for about 200 Covid patients. We have been able to reduce the number of hospitalized patients from 80 to 47. We have succeeded in releasing vaccinated patients back home after a shorter period of hospitalization than in the past, as their symptoms have been less severe.

This post from an internationally respected website highlights HERZOG’s efforts to combat Covid:

Dr. Jacob Haviv, the CEO of HERZOG HOSPITAL, has announced that most patients and staff have now received the third vaccine. He is interviewed regularly on TV, radio, and in the media.

Israel’s Ministry of Health reports that after receiving the third dose,  there is 95% effectiveness for those over the age of 60, and 97% effectiveness against developing a serious case of Covid.

HERZOG’s work, and Dr. Haviv’s numerous media appearances, have publicized HERZOG worldwide, in a very positive way. Very often, Dr. Haviv’s comments are picked up by hundreds of social media platforms internationally. He is being quoted worldwide as one of Israel’s top health care professionals. And HERZOG is being promoted throughout social media worldwide as a major respiratory center.

HERZOG has now also stepped into the breach expanding its Covid capacity to admit additional patients, to remove the burden from other hospitals.

Wishing you and your family a Healthy and Happy Rosh Hashanah.

Please help us to help Herzog Hospital during this extremely difficult time.