One of the TOP Israel health programs that has benefited Africa

Dear Friend of Herzog Hospital, Herzog’s video conference training project for health care professionals in Ghana was featured on Israel 21c. It was listed as one of the top Israel health programs that have benefited Africa. Here is the link-http://israel21c.org/headlines/top-22-ways-israel-aided-africa-in-last-three-years  See Story #5. As you may know, Israel 21c is an international service that promotes positive stories about how Israeli programs and inventions have an impact internationally. We at Herzog are proud of our role as a teaching hospital, both for medical…

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#HelpChildrenBreathe $2,317 raised so far! Help Us Raise Money to Provide Air for all Children! To Breathe. A luxury that not everyone has. Did you feel that, as your chest expanded and your lungs filled with air? Now imagine a child who does not know the luxury of being able to breathe on his or her own. A child who needs to be connected to a respirator 24/7 in order to breathe to stay alive. You try to call out for…

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